I’m Joshua Locke, Level 2 Magic Judge from Texas.

I created this blog to discuss Commander theory, and channel deckbuilding energy onto the internet and away from my wallet.  🙂

This blog is updated every Monday, with as much bonus content throughout the week as I have time to write.   Sometimes this is zero, sometimes this is nearly every day, so stay tuned!

Feel free to use the decklists on this site for your own Commander decks, just be advised that posts will not be updated once posted.  Check the posting date to verify which expansions have been released since the decklist was generated.  Also, please note that, particularly for budget deck articles, the pricing of cards is correct as of the time the articles are written (usually within ten days of publication) and are greatly subject to change.  Prices rise all the time (and sometimes, though less commonly, even fall), so a $35 budget deck today might be a $40 budget deck tomorrow.  Or a $30 budget deck.

Finally, please bear with the formatting.  This is my first serious blogging endeavor, so I’m not particularly good at it yet, and the WordPress visual editor does not make that easy.  It’s always eating my line breaks, which means that decklists will almost never be perfectly formatted.  I will get them as good as I can, but that means sometimes different sections (Lands, Creatures, Enchantments, etc.) are double-spaced, and some are single-spaced.

All written content on this website is ©2013 Joshua C. Locke.

Card images and art shown are ©1995-2013 Wizards of the Coast, LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Incorporated.


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